Ogee Gutter

Where capacity and aesthetics are important the Ogee system has it all. Corners and joints are fixed to the fascia for extra security.


The Ogee gutter systems are produced in high gloss finish in a choice of 5 colours - white, black, brown, caramel and anthracite grey. Ogee gutter systems can be installed with Round or Square Downpipe system.

 Kayflow gutter systems carry a 10 Year Guarantee for the black, white, brown, grey and anthracite grey profiles - see our T&C's for more details.  

All styles and colours of Kayflow gutters are BS Kitemarked.

For more technical details download Kayflow Systems Guide   Need a Stockist? Call us on 01827 317269

Technical Details
HeightWidthFlow RateArea Drained
70mm 120mm 2.2 l/s 105m2

                             Product Colours

w.png White bl.png Black br.png Brown c.png Caramel gy.png  Grey ag.png Anthracite Grey
Part No. Description Pack Qty Colour
thumb-1 OGG4* Ogee Gutter 4m 4
thumb-1 OGA1* Ogee 90º Angle (Internal) 10
thumb-1 OGA2* Ogee 90º Angle (External) 10
thumb-1 OGA3* Ogee 135º Angle (Internal) 10
thumb-1 OGA4* Ogee 135º Angle (External) 10
thumb-1 OGA5* Ogee 150º Angle (External) 4
thumb-1 OGU1* Ogee Union Bracket 8
thumb-1 OGE1* Ogee External Stopend L/H 10
thumb-1 OGE2* Ogee External Stopend R/H 10
thumb-1 OGK1* Ogee Fascia Bracket 100
thumb-1 OGK2* Ogee Top Hung Fascia Bracket 20
thumb-1 OGO1* Ogee Running Outlet 10
thumb-1 OGO2* Ogee Stopend Outlet R/H 10
thumb-1 OGO3* Ogee Stopend Outlet L/H 10
thumb-1 OGD2* Deep/Ogee Gutter Adaptor 1
thumb-1 OGD1* Ogee/Deep Gutter Adaptor 1
thumb-1 OGS1* Ogee/Square Gutter Adaptor 1
thumb-1 OGS2* Square/Ogee Gutter Adaptor 1
Part No. Description Pack Qty Colour
thumb-1 OGR1* Ogee/Round Gutter Adaptor 1
thumb-1 OGR2* Round/Ogee Gutter Adaptor 1
thumb-1 KFPS25* Square Down Pipe 2.5m 6
thumb-1 KFPS4* Square Down Pipe 4m 6
thumb-1 KFPS55* Square Down Pipe 5.5m 6
thumb-1 KFBS1* 92.5° Offset Bend 20
thumb-1 KFBS2* 112.5 Offset Bend 30
thumb-1 KFBS3* Shoe 30
thumb-1 KFCS1* Pipe Clip 100
thumb-1 KFCS2* Pipe Clip ( flush) 100
thumb-1 KFHS1* Hopper (Square/Round) 10
thumb-1 KFSS1* Pipe Socket 20
thumb-1 KFYS1* 112.5° Branch 10
thumb-1 KFDS2* Square/Round Downpipe Adaptor 10
thumb-1 KFSAP* Square Access Pipe 1

* Add suffix as follows for colours:

 W =White, BL=Black, GY= Grey, AG= Anthracite Grey,  BR=Brown, C=Caramel             


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